Thursday, 17 December 2009

Cell phone inside you

Do you think the current cell phone form factors will change in the future? This is a really open-ended question, but being the constantly innovating beings that we are, chances are the answer will be in the affirmative. You will require to use a natural gesture with this literal hand phone (as some circles would call it), boasting voice control for activation as well as dial memorized numbers. The microphone can be placed near the mouth while the speaker is located almost inside the ear, facilitating communication even in the noisiest of environments. Wearing this handset is as simple as wearing a watch, but it had better be waterproof cause don't you think it would be a hassle to take it off every time you went to the pool?

Sunday, 6 December 2009

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Thursday, 3 December 2009

The future cell phone look

Cellular phones matter in our normal daily lives. Although they pose a menace to our health, for instance, frequent cell phones users have higher risk to get malignant gliomas, acoustic neuromas, and tumor, we couldn’t live without them. Most of us walk with them, work with them, eat with them and even sleep with them. How powerful these small electronics gadgets are now!

Among us, probably many people couldn’t stop thinking how cheap they might become and what the future cellular phones would look like. Today, we could spend no more than 1000RMB on an iPhone-alike mobile phone from China wholesale electronics, for example, Seloo Mini 3GS Quadband Multimedia Cell Phone - JAVA/QQ/Bluetooth - Touch Screen are sold at about $495 at Maybe in the future, we could get a phone just several dollars from sellers of wholesale cell phones or retailers

Comparing to traditional models, current cell phones are made with more convenient appearance and advanced, practical functions. They are slimmer, lighter such as mini cell phones. Their typical functions include Multimedia function, Java, Wifi, MSN, QQ, E-mail, E-book, multi-band, TV, ultra-long standby time, etc. Cell phone development seems saturated. On what ground could future mobile phone surpass the present?

In British TV series Doctor Who, phones are similar to earphones. People simply wear on one side of their ears and use. These gadgets could be used to listen to radio, music, and jokes, receive images, vote, etc. Future phones in Chinese sci-fi film The Avenging Fist are just like rings (two rings form one complete unit) - people wear these phones on their thumbs and little fingers.

A research is under way by American scientists. These people are trying their best to make cell phones become human-beings’ health tracer. If they succeed, our phones could remind us of our daily activities’ influence on environment, warn us to keep ourselves far away from possible pollution sources, and collect scientific data to prevent or deal with unknown disease.

Future mobile phones must be more convenient to carry, more functional to meet increasing demands of humans, and greener to our health as well as environment. Maybe one day, we don’t need these gadgets at all - just insert a chip in our body, we could contact with any one we want using our mind.

Hands Free Cell Phone Use Shown to Disorient Drivers

(NaturalNews) Research is slowly but surely revealing that the use of cell phones is dangerous and may play a large role in the modern day increase in cancer as well as brain diseases such as Alzheimer's. Certain US States and European countries have banned or are planning to ban the use of cell phones while driving. Now research shows that even hands free phones can affect drivers.

England has already banned the use of handsets while driving, and is set to take further action to ban the use of hands free cell phones. Government research has discovered that any cell phone use, including hands free, causes a disorientation which may increase the risk of accidents. This disorientation can last up to 10 minutes after the phone call is finished.

Cell phone use was compared to conversation with another person in the car. This was shown to have no disorienting effects, indicating that conversation itself does not interfere with driving ability. On the other hand, cell phone activity appears to affect concentration, reaction and focused attention.

Researchers are not entirely clear as to why even hands free phones have such a negative effect on driving ability. They know that one is still exposed to harmful rays even when the phone is 2 to 3 feet away. Another reason may be that the brain must use abilities to create an image of a person who is not physically present, which distracts from driving.

Other Warnings of Cell Phone Use Includes:
*Germany warned it citizens to avoid wireless devices in 2007
*In September 2007, the European Environment Agency advised people to stop using WiFi and cell phones based on 15 separate studies. They warned wireless technology may potentially be a public health disaster that is equivalent to cigarette smoking, asbestos and lead in car gas.
*The Israeli government has banned placing antennas used for cell phone reception on residential buildings.
*A study of 51,000 men at the Case Western Reserve University, Ohio showed that cell phone use may damage sperm.
*Pregnant mothers, who use cell phones 2-3 times per day, are found to give birth to children with malfunctioning cells.
*Toronto's department of public health has advised teenagers and young children to limit their use of cell phones.
*A study published in the Biochemical Journal showed that just 10 minutes of cell phone use can trigger changes in brain cells linked to cell division and cancer.
*A Finnish study published in The International Journal of Cancer Regular showed that cell phone use raises the risk of developing a brain tumor. The risk was highest among people under the age of 20.

Unfortunately, most people rely on their cell phone or on a wireless computer network. Even if people don't use this technology themselves, they are still exposed to it daily. There are no easy answers to dealing with this issue.

What you can do to Protect Yourself

Ensuring that you get plenty of antioxidants in the diet is crucial for avoiding environmental pollution, including cell phones. Raw chocolate, goji berries, acai berries, wild blueberries and pomegranates are some of the foods highest in antioxidant activity.

Spending time in nature away from the constant bombardment of cell phones and wireless technology can help to rebalance the body. There is even some evidence to suggest that having plants around the house and in the work place can offer some protection against harmful rays.

There are some devices which are known to protect against cell phones and computers. Some of these are worn as necklaces while others are placed on the phone or computer. Further studies need to be done in order to confirm their validity.